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rand and weird shit


this completely blew me away! your writing and description was so amazing it felt like I was right there watching it all go down. I cou...


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"The pencil is my sword, the paper is the battle ground, the world is the war zone and its people are my enemy."
so I decided to do this...


- Pick 10 of your OCs in any order. If you don’t have 10 OCs use canon, borrow yer friends's char, whatever.
- Don't look at the numbers in the questions while picking the characters! (it's more fun that way)
- Link back to the blank.
- Have fun! Heart


1. Creator
2. Fieldmouse
3. Blood Dash
4. Ike
5. Cyanide
6. Treble
7. Felix
8. Mistress Nix (new Mad Max oc)
9. Sprocket (New Mad Max oc)
10. Hijack (new Mad Max oc)

1. So, [8], what do you think about Valentine's Day?
Mistress Nix: I never really celebrated it.

2. Believe it or not, but [3] was convinced to go to a blind date. Turned out his/her partner is [6]. How was the date go?
Treble: Cole told me he was going to be here...
Blood Dash: Can I go yet?

3. Later [3] and [6] found out that [5] was the one who picked them for the blind date...

Treble: Cyanide?! You were behind this the whole time?!
Blood Dash: That's it! I'm going back to the Underground! *leaves*

4. Ding ding, ((oh, my ding ding dong)) [1] received an anonymous fan letter! What does it say?
Creator: oh its just my bills...

5. [7] caught [2] and a crocodile in fancy hat went to a movie together. How romantic!
Felix: Fieldmouse how could you?
Fieldmouse: I lost a bet and it was either make out or take out. I choose the movies.

6. Ehem, [9], can you please describe your ideal partner/dream date, no matter how weird it might sounds?
Sprocket: Some one who loves me for me. He would have to be good at tinkering with cars of course. As for an ideal date... I think i'll take the good old fashioned drive into the sunset.

7. I see, I see... And what does [10] think about [9]'s description?
Hijack: this is when you can tell me and Sprocket are adopted sisters. I would like someone to share my experience in hijacking cars with. and I'd take a car chase any day.

8. [4] is dared to kiss someone in this meme, who would he/she choose? (The creator of this meme is nice so it doesn't have to be a kiss on the lips, unless you want to. :P (Lick))</strong>
Ike: *leers at Fieldmouse with a perverted smile*
Fieldmouse: come anywhere close to me and I'll cut your tongue off.

9. [6] and [8] are fighting for [5]. How come?
Mistress Nix: why would I fight over someone that's half my age?
Treble: and im kind of already seeing someone so...

10. Oh noes! [2] was kidnapped by heavy-armed evil hamsters and was taken to a castle to become king hamster's new sweetheart! Anyone want to make a rescue team?
Fieldmouse: holy shit these hamsters are crazy!!
All: *chase after them to the Benny Hill song thing*

11. Would [10] receive any chocolate or gift on Valentine's Day? Anything from someone in the meme?

Hijack: *receives bullets and grenades from Sprocket* awe thanks sis. 

12. [3] randomly walks in and sees [7] sitting on [1] and they're both on a bed.
Felix: its not what it looks like!
Creator: *Says nothing*
Blood Dash: Fieldmouse is going to kill you both... *backs out of room*

13. [4] and [5] is giving [6] some pieces of love advice. What're they?
Ike: I don't believe in love! why am I here?!
Cyanide: sorry Treble. I have no love experience.

14. A wild hobo appears! He gives [9] a flower!
Sprocket: Awe thank you! *gives hobo a kiss on the cheak*

15. [8] received a mysterious gift box from [2]. What's inside it?
Mistress Nix: New knee pads. thanks.

16. So, [7], have you ever played half-naked Twister? Do you want to?
Felix: Well it wouldn't really matter if I went shirtless or not sense I'm covered in fur but... id play with Fieldmouse

17. [1] and [3], please each pick a song that describe your state of mind on Valentine's Day.
Creator: Valentine's Day is like any other day to me so I guess it depends on my mood.
Blood Dash: Love is over rated.

18. Cool. And what do they think about the other person's song?

19. King hamster's castle was conquered, and [10] was in charge of re-decorate it for a Valentines event (don't care about money). How is the castle look like after the re-decorating?
Treble: its- um...
Sprocket: very...
Blood Dash: Gruesome... I like it!

20. Everyone in this meme is invited to a fantastic ball in the castle. Desribe it a bit and/or tag someone to end the meme!
All: *sit there awkwardly*
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